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ElohimLeaks: The US, Israeli and some NATO countries armies are working on a top secret project of a bacteriological world genocide, and this without any declaration of war .Their project is to spread man made diseases which will kill all non white and non Jewish people. The spread is very easy to make as the material can easily and in very little amount be shipped in regular food or raw material shipping.The bacteriological agent can target only people who are non white or non Jews. It is a little problematic for Israeli government as a majority of Palestinian are in fact genetically real Jews as their ancestors were Jews, while a majority of Israeli do not have the genetic traits of real Jews as they are in fact descendants of central European people who converted to Judaism. The solution which is more difficult is to have a disease which kill everybody but requires all the white and Jewish population to be vaccinated.This would be of course disguised as a well known disease like cholera, or Typhoid. etc…The white and Jewish population would be vaccinated by force in a mandatory way under the pretext to protect Humanity. A false (non efficient) vaccine may be shipped under the disguise of “humanitarian gesture” to all non white countries and may contain some active ingredients making the disease more lethal.The US and Israeli army have already started to test these “weapons” in Africa and very recently in Syria. and will also test the real and fake medicines. The ultimate goal of US , Israel and Nato countries is a world without black , Arabic and Asians where they can freely make a new empire without any local population disturbing and without creating a nuclear world war which would risk to destroy all the planet.