2015年8月27日 来自雷尔弥勒facebook的消息:



‪#‎ElohimLeakS‬ : Israel recent attack on Syria ” allegedly “in retaliation from an attack coming from Syrian territory ” is another false flag operation and the most disgusting. Inside Syria near Israeli border there is a tiny group of armed opponents to Syrian government. This group is armed , trained and directed by Israeli by officers. They selected some locations where nobody lives in the Israeli territory (in fact in the Syrian territory if the Golan Heights occupied illegally by Israel) and fired some rockets. No civilian and no military were killed or hurt of course as it was empty zones. Then Israel could pretend to ” retaliate” by bombing Syrian army saying that they hold the Syrian government responsible for any attack from it s territory. In other words they destroy Syrian army making it weaker to fight the small rebels groups located near Israel borders….in order to protect Israel territory…Almost laughable if there was not hundreds of innocent civilians killed and harmed by Israeli bombings.One of the strongest army in the world cannot protect itself from a small group of Syrian rebels located a few kilometers from it s border and can only bomb Syrian army located hundred of km away to retaliate…and the western medias pass on this lie.