• An Apple iPhone X took a high-definition photo of a UFO hovering above the city like a huge submarine.


  • (The Story of the Submarine-UFO 1 – Chinese and English Version)


——If it is just a cloud, the point of the question is why only I can see that cloud at that time?

第一章  较多的困惑

Chapter 1  More Confusion



The sightings were compiled by witnesses in February 2021, in which three aspects were particularly strange:



  1. The UFO disappeared about 10 seconds after coming into view.


  1. The UFO was enormous and appeared over the city where people were gathered. The photographer, Mr. W, saw it, but his companion, Ms. B did not see it, nor did any other passersby.


  1. The sky was some light when Mr. W witnessed the UFO. The captured UFO pictures were incredibly distorted in their overall color and had brightness values about twice as high as other photos. The iPhone X had difficulty taking the pictures (when the iPhone X was taking pictures, it was seriously disturbed).


第二章  目击及拍照

Chapter 2  Witnesses and Photos



The story goes like this. Mr. W is a Chinese lawyer, on the afternoon of June 2, 2018, Mr. W and his companion Ms. B drove to County Miyi, City Panzhihua, Province Sichuan to handle some affairs, and to enjoy the scenery on both sides of River Anning and the night scene along the way.



See below the “Aerial view of County Miyi, City Panzhihua”. After driving away from the highway and entering the county, Mr. W parked his car in a parking spot, then together with his companion, Ms. B walked through the Bridge Renminlu below, and then along the viewing road by the river on the left, then they advanced to Bridge Dragon above.

“攀枝花市米易县鸟瞰图”,从高速公路下来进入县里后,W先生将车子停在了停车点,然后和同伴B女士步行穿过下方的人民路大桥,接着沿着左侧的河边观景路向上方的龙桥前行。 第2张


See below “Original Picture 1 (Mobile No. IMG_1631, 20:12 photographed)”. Mr. W, located near the restroom, suddenly saw a UFO-like object, Its shape and size resembled a large submarine, over the buildings across the river. it was silent and motionless and glowed with slight light like the afterglow of the sun penetrating through thin clouds. It was obviously incompatible with the surrounding clouds and was very dazzling and eye-catching. Its magnificence dumbfounded Mr. W. However, the sun should not appear near in the position of Submarine-UFO in the sky at this time, after all, it was already past 8 p.m.



Mr. W immediately took a picture of the Submarine-UFO with the iPhone X in hand at the approximate position shown in Figure 1, and then couldn’t wait to see the details of the UFO through the zoom function of the mobile phone. But it was quite inconceivable that the photo had a serious color cast (or/and the brightness was high) and was very unusual, far from what Mr. W had witnessed with his eyes.



The reason might be that, to go to the bathroom, Mr. W walked in front of his companion Ms. B. When Ms. B approached Mr. W, Mr. W originally intended to watch the strange object together with her. But Mr. W was surprised to find that perhaps within 10-30 seconds when he looked down at the photos, the Submarine-UFO had disappeared without a trace.



At that time, many people walking along the viewing road of the riverside after enjoying their dinner. People would look at the river and the scenery on the opposite bank. The two banks of the river were very wide, and the huge Submarine-UFO should have been seen or photographed by more people. But what is unbelievable is that Mr. W felt that people were not aware of this UFO, and even his companion Ms. B also said that she saw nothing.



The iPhone X photo has a resolution of 4032 x 3024, 5.88 times the video resolution  1920 x 1080, so Mr. W chose to take pictures and then to shoot a video. However the Submarine-UFO disappeared too fast, and unfortunately, there was no chance to shoot the video.



The 576 million pixels of the human eye is 48 times the 12 million pixels of the iPhone X photo, so Mr. W felt amazed at what he witnessed at the time and how it was completely different from the situation as shown by the photo. It's a magnificence that can never be copied and imagined unless you are personally on the scene!


第三章  照片的细节

Chapter 3  Details of Photos



Description of photo details:


  1. 见下方“对轮廓勾勒的放大图”,潜艇UFO明显有着几何线条,前部接近回转体流线型结构,特别是前端似呈圆锥或椭圆形,在其轴向下方的大概中间区域有小部分凸出类似吊舱部件(该特征也可能是因UFO的部分被云层遮挡后造成的错觉),后部类似船尾结构向下倾斜平整。
  2. See below the “enlarged view of drew outline”. The Submarine-UFO has obvious geometric lines, the front resembles a streamlined structure of a revolving body, especially the front end looks like a cone or ellipse, and a small part of the middle area below the axis is protruding and similar to the pod parts(This feature may also be an illusion caused by part of the UFO being blocked by clouds). The back is similar to the stern structure, which is flat and inclined downward.
  3. 见下方“增加饱和度的放大图”,四周的浅色云明显漂浮在该深色潜艇UFO的周围互不相融,后者没有被前者挤压变形的迹象。
  4. See below the “enlarged view of increased saturation”. The surrounding light clouds are floating around the dark Submarine-UFO and are incompatible with each other, and the latter shows no signs of being squeezed by the former.
  5. 见下方“苹果X手机图库缩略图”,手机除了拍摄到该潜艇UFO图1的整张照片呈偏色或/和发亮的效果以外,其他照片的颜色或/和亮度比较正常,明显存在异样。
  6. See below the “iPhone X gallery thumbnails”. Except that the photo of the Submarine-UFOFigure 1 taken by the mobile phone shows the color cast or/and shiny effect as a whole, the color or/and luminance of other photos appear to be more normal thus an exception exists.

“对轮廓勾勒的放大图”,潜艇UFO明显有着几何线条,前部接近回转体流线型结构,特别是前端似呈圆锥或椭圆形,在其轴向下方的大概中间区域有小部分凸出类似吊舱部件(该特征也可能是因UFO的部分被云层遮挡后造成的错觉),后部类似船尾结构向下倾斜平整。  “增加饱和度的放大图”,四周的浅色云明显漂浮在该深色潜艇UFO的周围互不相融,后者没有被前者挤压变形的迹象。  见下方“苹果X手机图库缩略图”,手机除了拍摄到该潜艇UFO图1的整张照片呈偏色或/和发亮的效果以外,其他照片的颜色或/和亮度比较正常,明显存在异样。 第4张

第四章  后续的观测

Chapter 4  Follow-up Observations



See below “Original Picture 2 (mobile phone number IMG_1632, 20:16 photographed)”. Mr. W saw a group of birds flying in the sky over the area, then using a mobile phone took pictures of the flying birds at the approximate position shown in Figure 2, but the traces of the Submarine-UFO were already gone. The local weather recorded on the Internet was “breeze, without continuous wind direction”. There was no surging wind and clouds were in a calm sky, and the UFO never re-appeared.

“原图2(手机编号IMG_1632,20:16拍摄)”,W先生看见该区域天空有一群飞鸟飞过,于是用手机在大致图2的位置对着飞鸟群拍摄了照片,但天空中早已经没有了潜艇UFO的踪迹。网上记录当地的天气为“无持续风向微风”,平静的天空没有风云涌动,它也再没有出现过了。 第5张


See below “Original Picture 3 (mobile phone number IMG_1633, 20:19 photographed)”. Mr. W and Ms. B walked to the highest point of the Dragon Bridge, using their mobile phones, they took pictures at the location shown in Figure 3 facing the direction they had just come from. At this time, the colorful lights on the building were brilliant and colorful, and the night was very charming, end. 

“原图3(手机编号IMG_1633,20:19拍摄)”,W先生和B女士走上了龙桥的最高点,于是用手机在大致图3的位置对着来时的方向拍摄了照片,此时楼房上的彩灯绚丽多彩,夜色十分迷人,完。 第6张

第五章  照片的数据

Chapter 5  Photo Data



Attached photo data description:



The luminance of Figure 1 is 2.77, approximately 2 times the luminance of Figure 2, at 1.36.

咨询了中国苹果客服技术人员iPhone X在什么情况下会使得拍摄照片的亮度增加1倍,答案包括对其拍摄物本身的亮度增加了。有关专家还认为,手机闪光不会对远景(特别是对岸的楼房、天空、潜艇UFO)的亮度产生影响。

When consulted what condition could increase the luminance of a picture taken by iPhone X, the Chinese Apple customer service technician answered that the luminance of the subject itself increased. Relevant experts also believe that the flash of mobile phones will not affect the brightness of the distant view (especially buildings, the sky, and the Submarine-UFO on the other side of the river).

图1的亮度2.77大约是图2的亮度1.36的2倍。 第7张



Figures 4 and 5 are photos taken at 21:51 after Mr. W and Ms. B arrived on the other side of the river. In close-up photography of people at night, Figure 5 has a flare brightness of about -2.16, an increase of 0.5 as compared with the -2.66 of Figure 4, taken without a flash.

图4、5是W先生和B女士到达河对岸后,于21:51时拍摄的照片。在夜晚对人物近景拍摄中,图5有闪光亮度约-2.16比图4无闪光亮度约-2.66只增加了0.5的数值。 第8张